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The tallit; one of the most well known symbols of Jewish prayer has evolved from the traditional wool tallit into a modern range of designer tallits and womens prayer shawls. With the range of tallits available to suit every style, there is the perfect prayer shawl list to enhance every prayer. We offer FREE SHIPPING on Tallits.

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The tallit is a special prayer shawl that is used during Jewish prayer. The tallit is made from a large piece of woven fabric and on the four corners of the tallit are tzitzit – fringes that are tied.

Tallit - How is it made?

Although wearing a tallit is not specifically commanded in the Bible, there is a commandment in the Bible to tie fringes to the corners of your outer garments (Numbers 15:38, Deuteronomy 22:12). This was interpreted by the sages to be a specific garment: the tallit, and that it should be used in Jewish prayer. Thus throughout the generations the Jewish prayer shawl has been preserved as a garment for prayer.

Traditional Tallit

A traditional Jewish prayer shawl is made from woven wool. The wool tallit is a large garment that often features stripes in the colors of black white or blue. The atarah: yoke of the tallit is usually embroidered with the blessing for donning the tallit.

Modern Tallits

The design of a modern tallit is usually based on the traditional tallit but they incorporate contemporary colors, textiles or embroidery to make the prayer shawl unique. Many Israeli designers are producing stunning modern tallits.

Designers such as Yair Emanuel and Rikmat Elimelech take luxurious materials such as raw silk and combine this with appliqué and embroidery to create attractive prayer shawls. These silk tallits and other modern tallits can be used as prayer shawls for men and for women.

Tallit for Women

In many progressive Jewish communities women now wear tallit; thus there is now a beautiful range of prayer shawls for women. These feminine tallits are often made of more delicate materials; such as an organza tallit and come in a range of colors such as pinks, purples, golds, and light blues. Some tallits are richly embroidered to celebrate women from the Bible such as Miriam, Rachel, Leah and Sarah.

Tallit Katan

The tallit katan also known as a tzitzit is a small version of the tallit gadol that is worn under or over the clothes throughout the day. Like the tallit gadol it can be made of wool or cotton, and features the same fringes: tzitzit on the four corners of the garment. However the tallit katan is predominately worn by Orthodox Jews.

The customs for wearing a Tallit

A tallit is worn during the morning prayers on Shabbat; Jewish holidays and throughout the week. Traditionally only men wore a tallit, but more recently in liberal Jewish communities men and women are wearing prayer shawls.

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The bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah; the Jewish ‘coming of age’ ceremony, is the first time a young person will wear a tallit. This is the first time a young person is called up to the Torah for an aliyah, and so customarily they wear a tallit. Thus a tallit is often given as a bar mitzvah gift or bat mitzvah gift.

In Ashkenazi communities a young man will wear a small tallit until the time that he is married, and then he will exchange this for a tallit gadol.

Blessing over the Tallit

The tallit is put on before the morning prayers and before putting on tefillin. When the tallit is put on every morning there is a special prayer shawl blessing that is said in Hebrew:

ברוך אתה יי אלוהינו מלך העולם
Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam
Blessed are you, Lord, our God, sovereign of the universe

אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להתעטף בציצית
asher kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu l’hit’ateif ba-tzitzit
Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the tzitzit

This tallit prayer is said while holding the tallit in front of you, and then it is put over the shoulders and you hold it over your head and face for a moment, then the tallit is draped over the shoulders like a shawl. The tallit should sit comfortably on the shoulders during prayers, but will need re-adjusting from time to time. For this reason a tallit clip is used by some people to keep the prayer shawl in place during prayers.

Wearing a tallit on Yom Kippur

There is a special custom that is an exception to wearing the tallit only for the morning Jewish prayers. On erev Yom Kippur; at Kol Nidre the tallit is worn to the evening prayer sevice.

we have a stunning range of tallit to suit every taste. A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl that is worn during prayer. Traditionally, a tallit is made of woven wool, but here at jJudaica we also have a range of designer tallit that are made from exquisite materials such as silk or organza and embellished with embroidery. All of our tallits are made in Israel, by Israeli designers.

Essentially a prayer shawl is made up of a large piece of fabric, that has tzitzit - fringes on each of the four corners, and an atarah – yoke, where the tallit sits on the neck. Each tallit at jJudaica is unique; some have an embroidered atarah, some have embroiderd corners for the fringes, while other tallits have stripes or appliqué on the main section of the tallit.

In our silk tallit collection we have a range of traditional Jewish prayer shawls, modern prayer shawls for men and elaborate appliquéd silk tallits. These are perfect for both men and women and come in a range of colors and sizes to suit everyone.

We also have a special range tallit for women, that are designed with a feminine touch. Some of the beautiful prayer shawls in this range include raw silk tallits that are embroidered and appliquéd with beautiful themes such as the story of Miriam, from the Bible, the Tree of Life and pomegranates; a symbol of abundance and fertility. The elegant organza tallits by designer Yair Emanuel tallit are a delicate alternative to the traditional large tallit, and come in a range of pastel colors.

All of our prayer shawls come with matching bags, and some tallits come with a matching kippah. Tallits make the perfect bar mitzvah gift or bat mitzvah gift, as according to the Jewish custom, this is the first time for a child to wear a tallit.

Add a special touch to every prayer with a high quality designer tallit!j

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